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The cocktail revolution is well documented. The American cocktail has returned to the home for entertaining and variety. People, it is your cultural duty to make cocktails at home.

With that in mind, USA 2 GO has set out to put together the best selections, the biggest variety’s and the most competitive prices of all your favorite liquors, all to further your entertaining and enjoyment of your at-home cocktail ambitions.

USA 2 GO Quick Stores are conveniently located and open 24 hours. We feature the best of the best and a variety that you would expect to find in the finest liquor stores in Metro Detroit. Elmer T. Lee, Blanton’s, Elijah Craig, Maker’s 46 and a great selection of Rye and local whiskies are all here. Our staff is knowledgeable and they are always extremely pleasant and accommodating.

USA 2 GO Quick Stores have an incredible selection of bourbon and whiskey from everywhere in the United States at the lowest price in town. We carry every brand from Buffalo Trace and Heaven Hill plus some of the smaller micros from across the country. Right now there is a 20 year Willet, a stack of Single Oak Projects, and a variety unmatched in the metro area. The USA 2 GO staff is incredibly friendly, we are family owned and operated, and we have an awesome selection of everyday convenience items, fine wines, craft beers, and specialty grocery’s and snacks.

The USA 2 GO staff strives to offer our customers a diverse and carefully selected array of fine libations, from the everyday to the incredibly rare, all at excellent prices. We’re always adding unexpected, exciting and hard-to-find wines and spirits, and want to help our customers discover something they will love!

Here at USA 2 GO we know that the world of “spirits” can be intimidating. With all the different styles, names and shapes that liquor can come in, it’s hard to keep track of them all. But… that’s what we’re here for! Think of us as your own private guidebook.

Whether you’re looking for a simple change of pace, or a new personal favorite, look to USA 2 GO Quick Stores for a variety of wonderful options.