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USA 2 GO is a convenient outlet for all tobacco products and accessories. With locations throughout Southwest Michigan our goal is provide customers with easy access for all their tobacco needs.

USA 2 GO Quick Stores carry everything smokers need — including name-brand cigarettes, loose tobacco, lighters, rolling papers, e-cigarettes, fine cigars and smoking accessories.

Our goal is provide customers with the best quality tobacco products at affordable prices. We want to provide our customers with a great experience every time they come into any of our stores.

We take pride in our products and make sure all of our customers always remain satisfied. Stop in to one of our locations and let us help you with all your tobacco needs.

What is a Fine Cigar?

It is a cigar which is hand made with pure tobaccos (no additives) originates from the Caribbean area has three constituent parts –

Are you new to cigars and can’t decide which brand is right for you? Maybe you need some variety. USA 2 GO features a wide variety of domestic and imported cigars, and every cigar is unique in flavor and strength so it is essential that you select the perfect cigar to suit your taste.

  1. Filler (always long filler’, one using continuous leaves, not ‘chopped leaves’)The Long Filler encourages ash retention as well as giving the cigar body while four different leaf types supply the aroma and flavor
  1. Binder – this holds the filler in place and assists in the burning.
  2. Wrapper – Connecticut Shade Grown.  Shade Grown refers to the growing of the tobacco plants under a shelter of muslin nets which protect the plant from direct sunlight.

Check out the great assortment of cigars all stored in professional humidors at all of our USA 2 GO locations.