He’s a gay, as soon as had an event on the Duke from Crowborough, since Crawleys was basically from inside the London

Nothing is known out-of Thomas’s members of the family, however, he really does tell Sarah O’Brien and later Jimmy Kent you to their father is actually good clockmaker. Consequently, the guy frequently enjoys an organic attraction having clocks, proclaiming that he grew up together and you may “understands” him or her. O’Brien phone calls your the latest home’s clock specialist. They have has worked at Downton for over a decade, so that as a footman used to snap all of the clocks during the our home. The guy together with appears to be a bit talented from the cricket, Lord Grantham claiming as often, noting he had every domestic team’s works throughout the 1919 meets. The guy says to help you Bates which he keeps an aunt in Bombay. For the 1922, the guy lead his acquaintance Phyllis Baxter on domestic to help you serve given that good lady’s housemaid so you can Girls Grantham. It is merely inside 1924 that it is showed that Baxter was a pal away from their cousin after they was indeed growing upwards. It is in addition to the earliest regard to Thomas with a cousin, thereby losing some more light for the their background. Whenever Thomas lays on his dad’s infection so you’re able to wade in order to London to receive cures to cure their homosexuality, Baxter tells your she feels sorry, while the his dad try usually nice to her. Thomas responses mejor aplicación de citas interraciales bitterly that he try never ever most form to your, implying an emotional reference to his dad.


At the beginning of the series, Thomas new footman might have been doing work with the getting an effective valet, therefore the condition out-of valet so you can Lord Grantham looks like it would be their, when unexpectedly Lord Grantham uses John Bates, who has maybe not started a beneficial valet prior to and you will walks with a cane. Thomas and Sarah O’Brien, Thomas’s pal and you may People Grantham’s lady’s maid, start plotting to acquire John Bates fired, and additionally they try to sabotage their functions.


The fresh new Duke from Crowborough relates to Downton, basically to invest their condolences into the fatalities out of James and you will Patrick Crawley into the Titanic. In actuality, Thomas typed to the Duke to advise him you to definitely Robert Crawley tend to tournament the entailment, and you may Mary Crawley might be a rich heiress. This new Duke desires a wealthy wife (to greatly help his economic discomfort) and you may Thomas desires to end up being hired because his very own valet. When this information proves incorrect and does not work, Thomas attempts to turn to blackmail, which have like emails brand new Duke got sent your. It is indicated that that they had an affair (just what Duke calls a summer time dalliance) in the event the Crawleys was remaining in London area. not, the new Duke steals his emails right back from Thomas and you may injury her or him prior to Thomas’s vision.

This new heir, Matthew Crawley, with his mother, Isobel Crawley, come. A neighborhood boy, Molesley, is hired to serve as butler and also as valet so you’re able to Matthew. Thomas was resentful he was not offered work.

Thomas later on mistakenly produces an advance into the Kemal Pamuk, a Turkish envoy who is existence once the a visitor having an excellent take a look, however, Kemal slaps their give away and says he’s going to give Lord Grantham in the event the Thomas does not make sure he understands where Mary Crawley’s space is actually. Thomas believes and you may takes your to help you the lady area you to definitely night. A day later he could be surprised to track down Kemal lifeless within the his own sleep. He is one of the few those who understood you to definitely Kemal was at Mary ‘s the reason space the night time the guy died, but it is uncertain in the event that the guy understands that he died indeed there. The guy really does associate exactly what he understands to O’Brien.

Thomas understands that their other footman William provides ideas to own kitchen housemaid Daisy that’s likely to ask the woman to visit the latest reasonable. Thomas maliciously asks the lady first. He suggests this lady how to carry out the most recent dances. Daisy possess an effective break to your Thomas, and you can Mrs Patmore attempts to tell her that Thomas actually a beneficial female child, however, unsuspecting Daisy will not appreciate this it is not an excellent thing. Thomas plus renders a remark throughout the William’s mom that has died, which results in a fight.