You always discover more about my matchmaking immediately after theyve accomplished

fifty Cent is actually spilling a myriad of tea towards the their prior relationship that have celebrities including Ciara, Vivica Fox and Chelsea Handler.

We believe merely a woman carry out “kiss and you may tell”, but apparently, thats don’t correct. Fox and tv server Chelsea Handler.

On the interviews, 50 revealed whether they have named Ciara due to the fact learning she try pregnant (they are definitely nevertheless chill with her fam!), exactly how he was a lot more sprung more Vivica Fox as well as how the guy and Chelsea Handler remain friends. This new Queens rapper and additionally chatted about their chicken which have Rick Ross and you can boxing champ Floyd Mayweather, his reference to his sons mother and much more.

You will not believe which off his prior flings got your sprung (better, you could potentially), the way they split up and you may what he told you from the Rihanna and you will her relationships…

With the in the event that hes congratulated Ciara on her pregnancy, expecting having Coming: “I havent. I havent. We talked to the lady grandma past. Shes a date.”

With the if the hes nevertheless family having Ciara and you will Chelsea Handler: “Chelsea is actually cool. I would really do a tv series [Chelsea Recently] just before their over.” Whenever questioned when the he had been still loved ones that have Chelsea, “Yea Yea…And me personally and you may Ciara will Faydalı içerik still be members of the family. It’s just not that we don’t take pleasure in enough time that individuals spent in that months. ”

Into the their personal connection with Vivica Fox: “Which had been the only person. Which had been an accident. You to sh*t took place rapidly. I happened to be very eco-friendly, I was like the side lawn. You understand how females say she you need closure and you can she you would like for one conversation otherwise almost any it is…that can twist myself right back into the genuine relationships.

About precisely how he left Vivica: “Do you know what happens…the brand new traveling. Our lives might possibly be swinging us on the more recommendations at same big date so their enough space for people to actually still get into to one another. However if youre off each other and its not proper, layer begin getting out of on the things while you are you are getting off on the things at the same time. I love to drift out.”

With the Rihanna and you will Erykah Badu leaving dudes ill once they split up with her or him: “Rihanna got a thing together where she simply leaves the guys looking like it are the girls. It become harm such as what happened? The only one iller than simply her is Erykah Badu.” [Ha!]

While on his promotion promotion to own their after that record Creature Ambition (dropping Summer third), fifty Penny hit right up “The new Rickey Smiley Day Show” where the guy dished into his past relationships that have dance diva Ciara, actress Vivica A beneficial

50 needed to come across exactly who however crush, get married otherwise kill ranging from Rihanna, Miley Cyrus and Chelsea Handler: “Id crush Rihanna because the I didnt do it. Id destroy Chelsea and attempt something else.” He had been expected when the he would indeed marry Miley Cyrus the guy responded, “I’m seeking to something else. “

I realize so it column is going to put me in the firing range. Lots of people is unreasonably annoyed because of the people exactly who whine regarding the lack of a good people. Although challenging feeling is this: the present day matchmaking pond seems to be alarmingly lopsided. You will find far too many able to women that is unable to appointment a man which measures up.

You might blame you to be ‘too picky’ or waiting for an enthusiastic impossibly perfect Prince Lovely, but for the absolute most area, Really don’t think the audience is asking continuously. We simply need a decent fella. And you may according to a snap poll of every single single lady I’ve previously met, ‘decent’ the male is seriously scarce on the heterosexual matchmaking scene.