Remember that zero study examined sexting through intimately explicit chatting by yourself

Data Top quality Testing

The fresh new mean study high quality get along side 41 blogs fulfilling introduction criteria is actually 6.2 (eTables step 1 and you can 2 throughout the Supplement). Two knowledge (4.9%) dropped from the lowest-top quality range, and you may 10 studies (twenty four.4%) had been throughout the reasonable-quality diversity, to your left 30 degree (70.7%) in the large-top quality range. Both training deemed to possess lowest methodological high quality have been got rid of out of analyses. For this reason, the remaining 39 degree were used in further meta-analyses.

Take to Services from Included Degree

A total of 39 training met the analysis and you may methodological introduction conditions. Knowledge was in fact available for giving (letter = 34), finding (n = 20), forwarding without agree (letter = 5), or that have a sext forwarded instead agree (n = 4). The new Dining table summarizes provided knowledge. As a whole over the 39 knowledge, 110 380 players had been provided, that have a hateful ages of ages (a long time, 11.9-17.0 decades). An average of, 47.2% out of users was basically men. Twenty-a couple of education (56.4%) had been throughout the All of us, several studies (30.8%) was in fact out-of Europe, dos knowledge (5.1%) had been out of Australia, step 1 research (2.6%) was off Canada, step one investigation (dos Vietnamita mujeres.6%) is out-of Southern Africa (dos.6%), and step one study (dos.6%) try from South Korea. Eighteen knowledge (46.2%) tested sexting using smartphones and you can hosts, having 6 education (fifteen.4%) playing with computers simply, 14 degree (thirty-five.9%) through smartphones just, and one data (2.6%) delivering decreased guidance to own dedication. Eleven knowledge (twenty eight.2%) expected professionals throughout the sexting through photos, fourteen training (thirty-five.9%) thru images otherwise videos, 7 knowledge (17.9%) thru photo and you may/otherwise direct texts, and you may 7 education (17.9%) via images, clips, and/otherwise explicit texts. In the end, 31 knowledge (79.5%) was basically wrote into the fellow-assessed guides, and you can 8 studies (20.5%) was in fact unpublished.


Abbreviations: Each other, analysis concentrates on sexting thru either a smart phone or the internet; FW-P, study centers around whether respondents mutual others’ sexts instead its agree; FW-V, studies focuses primarily on whether or not participants had sexts shared with other people without its consent; Meters, intimately direct messages; Mobile, data centers around sexting through cell phones; NCPTUP, National Promotion to eliminate Teenager and you may Unplanned Maternity; Online, analysis focuses primarily on sexting over the internet; P, pictures; R, analysis is targeted on researching texts; S, analysis centers around sending messages; Unspecified, research cannot bring enough suggestions to select the mode away from sexting; V, video clips.

Shared Frequency of Delivering a great Sext

The random-effects analysis of the 34 studies on sending a sext yielded a mean prevalence of 14.8% (95% CI, 12.8%-16.8%) ( Figure 2 ). The Egger test provided evidence that studies with smaller sample sizes had more extreme prevalence estimates (eFigure 1 in the Supplement). A sensitivity analysis was conducted to determine the presence of potential outliers, and one study was identified. Heterogeneity of effect sizes remained present with (Q = , P < .001,>

Forest Plot of Impact Versions for every single Investigation Utilized in the latest Meta-investigation towards the Incidence regarding Sending a beneficial Sext

Found was a forest plot out of education within the meta-data. The general bottom line imagine having delivering a sext is 14.8% (95% CI, twelve.8%-sixteen.8%). NCPTUP indicates National Campaign to avoid Teenager and you may Unexpected Pregnancy.

An effective meta-regression investigation revealed an excellent linear boost in prevalence once the decades enhanced (b = 0.037; 95% CI, 0.024-0.050). Effect versions was in fact together with moderated because of the seasons off study research range, having a confirmed upsurge in the fresh new prevalence away from giving an excellent sext through the years (b = 0.026; 95% CI, 0.012-0.039). Chatting socket as well as explained anywhere between-studies variability, which have a higher frequency from sexting to the smartphones (k = thirteen; 13.4%; 95% CI, nine.0%-17.7%) weighed against hosts (k = 4; 5.5%; 95% CI, 2.3%-8.6%), in which k means exactly how many knowledge. Incidence was not moderated of the intercourse, geographical venue, content content, or publication standing.